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The Importance of PPE Accessibility in Long-Term Care Facilities

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has gotten a lot of press recently due to the global pandemic. In some cities, PPE is in short supply, leaving hospitals, urgent care clinics and doctors’ offices scrambling. And while the focus is, perhaps necessarily, on these high-stakes environments, accessible PPE is equally important for long-term care settings, such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement homes.

According to KFF, while residents of long-term care facilities make up only eight percent of coronavirus cases, they account for 45 percent of coronavirus deaths, making the need for accessible PPE even more crucial.

Accessible PPE is a Must for Long-Term Care Facilities

In light of the pandemic, the CDC has updated guidelines for long-term care facilities. Some of those changes include instructing every health care provider to wear a mask and educating and informing health care providers, residents and their families of proper PPE use. PPE caddies provide easy access to masks, gloves, gowns, disinfectants and other necessary supplies to health care professionals and other facility workers.

PPE Caddies Provide Visual Reassurance

Being in a nursing home, assisted living facility or retirement home during the pandemic can be overwhelming for both residents and family members.

With a PPE caddie, the resident and family members have visual reassurance that proper procedures are being followed by health care professionals and staff. They aren’t watching someone pull gloves and a mask out of their pocket as they enter the room; they see the mask, gloves, gown, etc. coming straight out of the caddy. During this tumultuous time, this reassurance is crucial.

Protection First Caddies Put PPE at Your Fingertips

Residents of long-term residential facilities are some of the most vulnerable to COVID. However, PPE caddies from Protection First make it easier than ever to care for and protect the ones who need it most.

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