ppe door caddies

5 Benefits of PPE Door Caddies

As the coronavirus continues its spread and we edge closer to flu season, personal protective equipment (PPE) is more important than ever. But organizing PPE can be difficult, especially in fast-paced hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

There are a lot of PPE storage options out there, but PPE door caddies have numerous benefits that make them a smarter solution, including:

Ease of Organization

With PPE caddies, there’s a place for everything. No more hunting down a gown, scrambling for gloves or searching for disinfectant – it’s all right there and organized so you can grab what you need quickly and easily.


PPE caddies attach to doors with over-the-door hangers, suction cups or adhesive hooks, keeping the equipment right where you need it the most. With a PPE caddy in each room, there’s no need for repeated trips to supply closets. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Meet CDC Recommendations

A new virus means new rules and recommendations from the CDC and other health authorities. Utilizing a PPE caddy helps your facility meet CDC recommendations for standard, airborne, droplet and contact isolation compliance.

Save Space While Increasing Safety

Bulky, obstructive carts in the hallways, rooms and at a patient’s bedside aren’t just unsightly and inconvenient, they also run afoul of fire, logistic and regulatory codes. PPE caddies eliminate the need for these carts and make your facility safer for patients, visitors and staff.

Simplify Inventory Control

Without an effective PPE management strategy in place, inventory quickly becomes a nightmare. Precious time is wasted rummaging through cabinets and supply closets tracking down incorrectly-placed masks, gloves and gowns. With PPE caddies, however, it’s easy to see at a glance when supplies are running low.

PPE Door Caddies Solve Tomorrow’s Challenges Today!

The medical world is currently facing unprecedented challenges and having constant, reliable access to organized PPE has never been more important. But PPE caddies offer more than organization and accessibility. They also help you remain compliant with recommendations and regulations and simplify inventory control.

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